Calvary Christian Center Weslaco Campus Leaders

Jannet Loera

Administrative Assistant 

Monique De La O

Executive Assistant

Danny and Jannet Loera

Calvary Ministry Coordinators

Rey and Eunice Delgado

Calvary Connect Center Leaders

David and Lorena Moreno

Calvary Usher’s Ministry Leaders

Anthony and Adriana Rios

Calvary Outreach Ministry Leaders

Gilbert and Yesenia Villarreal

Calvary Student Ministry Coaches


Angela Morales

Calvary Intercessory Ministry Leader

Javier and Flor Diaz

Calvary Couples Ministry Leaders

Martha Guererro

Calvary Cleaning Team Leader


Lino Jimenez

Calvary Yard Maintenance Leader

Jorge Loera

Calvary Safety and Security Ministry Leader

Tony and Irene Davila

Calvary Greeting Ministry Leaders

Lalo Padilla

Calvary Worship Music Director

Hector Moreno

Calvary Parking Team Ministry Leader


Diana Beltran

Calvary Kids Ministry Leader

Marilyn Padilla

Calvary Kids Nursery Leader

Daisy Beltran

Calvary Merch Store Leader

Trey Vega

Calvary Student Leader

Raelyn Delgado

Calvary Student Leader

Kayla Rivera

Calvary Worship Vocal Director

Itzel Rodriguez

Calvary Student Leader

Miguel Mayorga

Calvary Student Leader

David Moreno Jr.

Calvary Production Team Leader

Silver and Chris Hernandez

Calvary Couples Ministry Leaders

Irene Esther Davila

Calvary Lighting Leader

Rosalinda Garza

Calvary LIFT Widows Ministry Leader

Keyla Contador

Calvary Worship Leader